Herpes? -Funny Friday (Late Post)

​I forgot about Funny Friday yesterday. So, here’s something humorous I once heard from an underrated comedian.

Teenage Boy: Hey, Dad. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Uncle Roberto. Is he okay?
Dad (speaks with heavy Spanish accent): No. He’s not good.
Boy: Why? What happened?
Dad: He finally got the herpes.
Boy: What? He got herpes? How’d he get herpes?
Dad: How do you get anything? You pay for it.
Boy: You mean Uncle Roberto got herpes from a hooker?
Dad: What hooker? What are you talking about? 
Boy: You said he got the herpes!
Dad: Yeah! I’m talking about the herpes on his head!
Boy: Oh! You mean hair piece!
Dad: That’s what I said!
Boy: Dad, you gotta’ learn how to pronounce certain words.
Dad: Whatever.


Cholofit Workout – Funny Friday

I’ve decided that every Friday will be Funny Friday here on my blog! Which means that every Friday I’ll post something that has recently made me laugh. Such as a meme, video, article, joke, anecdote, or even something original by me.

So, for this week’s Funny Friday I’ve decided to post this hilarious workout video titled Cholofit Workout. A friend recently showed it to me and it seriously made me lmao!

I hope it makes you laugh just as much as I did! 😂☺

(Have a safe and awesome Friday!)