Herpes? -Funny Friday (Late Post)

​I forgot about Funny Friday yesterday. So, here’s something humorous I once heard from an underrated comedian.

Teenage Boy: Hey, Dad. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Uncle Roberto. Is he okay?
Dad (speaks with heavy Spanish accent): No. He’s not good.
Boy: Why? What happened?
Dad: He finally got the herpes.
Boy: What? He got herpes? How’d he get herpes?
Dad: How do you get anything? You pay for it.
Boy: You mean Uncle Roberto got herpes from a hooker?
Dad: What hooker? What are you talking about? 
Boy: You said he got the herpes!
Dad: Yeah! I’m talking about the herpes on his head!
Boy: Oh! You mean hair piece!
Dad: That’s what I said!
Boy: Dad, you gotta’ learn how to pronounce certain words.
Dad: Whatever.


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