Unsure Philosopher 

​What is life?

Why life?

What are things?

Why are things things?

Are things a necessity?

What is air?

Why air?

Why wind?

Why weather?

Why do weather patterns exist?

Are there really lots of patterns within reality?

What is reality?

Is reality real?

Is reality a figment?

Is reality an illusion? 

Is reality a game?

Why play such a game?

Do better games exist?

Do other universes exist?

Do other realities exist?

Do other inhabited planets exist?

What do these inhabitants look like?

Do they wonder about us?

Do they adhere to capitalism like us?

Do they breathe like us?

Do they dream like us?

What are dreams?

Why do we dream?

Is it really a necessity?

Why must dreams be so confusing?

Why must dreams be so difficult to interpret?

Why must dreams be separate from reality?

Are we all alive?

Are we all a lie?

Is there some greater force at play?

Could we be trapped within an eternal play?

Why can’t happiness exist on its own?

Why must happiness and sadness be such great lovers?

Why are we human?

Why do we deny being human?

Why am I asking such questions?

Why not?

Jimi Hendrix & Vlogmas 2016 

I recently bought this cool new Jimi Hendrix tshirt! Hendrix is definitely one of my top five favorite guitar players of all time. I mean, he pretty much reinvented rock music with every song he recorded. Not to mention all of the awesome techniques he employed whilst playing his Fender Stratocaster left-handed. Sadly, there may never be another musician quite like him.
In other news, I’ve been pretty busy this month with band stuff and participating in Vlogmas. If you’re not familiar with Vlogmas it simply involves uploading some kind of vlog style video to YouTube everyday in December until the 25th. I gotta admit… it’s been challenging so far but I like that it’s been forcing me to really stretch my creative muscle.
I’ve already posted some links to some of my Vlogmas videos on this blog and I’ll continue to post more later today and throughout the week. Also, let me know if you happen to be participating in Vlogmas as well. Leave me some links so I can watch your vlogs and comment and subscribe. Don’t worry, I only leave positive comments.
Here’s to an awesome weekend and awesome month! đŸ»đŸ˜ŽâœŒ



Tuna can



Are those clouds 

We see 

In the 


Or are they












Perhaps it’s 

All of the above 


None of the above 

Perhaps we are 

The manifestations of clouds