Cassettes -Madman Rants 

​I miss cassettes. Why? They had that warm analog sound that CDs and mp3s don’t. Plus, they could be easily carried in one’s pocket(s).
Not to mention the awesome pull out cover art, liner notes, photos and song lyrics. I also remember their smell.
That’s right… casettes had a very specific smell to them. It was probably due to some kind of chemical used to mold the casing but hey it really added something extra to my listening experience.
Of course, vinyl has a much better tonal quality but everyone knows that vinyl is not pocket sized.

For me… the closest thing to pocket sized vinyl is the cassette tape. Maybe I’m the only one left who still cares about casettes. That’s cool.
I don’t believe in following trends. Never have, never will. 

Though, I suppose not following trends is also a trend.
Who started such a trend? Us rebels and free thinkers! Yes!
Who knows… maybe one day cassette tapes will make an unexpectedly awesome comeback.



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