Breaking Bad and Married With Children -Currently Watching 

​I’ve been binge watching several tv series lately but the two that I’m thoroughly enjoying are:
1) Breaking Bad. Yes, I didn’t bother watching it while it was still being broadcast on AMC because I typically stay away from tv shows that are surrounded by lots of hype. But I will admit that Walter White is a very intriguing character. I’ve barely started watching season three but he already appears to be evolving into a brutal drug kingpin.

2) Married With Children. This was one of the tv shows I watched a lot during the good old 1990s. Kelly Bundy (Christina Applegate) was one of my first tv crushes. Sure, she was the stereotypical dumb blonde but she was also insanely hot! I’m currently watching season six, this is the season when Peggy Bundy was pregnant with the third Bundy child. So, most of the episodes revolve around Al’s intense disappointment. Come to think of it… so does 90 percent of the series.

What shows/series are YOU currently watching? 
Do you have any good recommendations?


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