Madman Rants Blog Posting Schedule

Hello, Everyone! I thought I should post the list of my blogging schedule.

Here it is:

1) Metal Monday: I post something heavy metal or hard rock related.

2) Top Five Tuesday: I post a list of five of my favorite movies, books, songs, bands, actresses, actors, quotes etc.

3) Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW): I feature a favorite actress and/or model.

4) Thirsty Thursday: I post a review of a favorite alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverage or something about a local bar, tavern, watering hole.

5) Funny Friday: I post something that recently made me laugh such as a video, joke, meme, quote, photo etc.

6) Scientific Saturday: I post something science related. Because learning is important.

7) Sociological Sunday: I post something relevant to the field of sociology. It could be humorous, it could be very serious. It could also be a mix of both.

So, there’s my blog posting schedule for each day of the week. Of course, I’ll still be posting other stuff as well but this schedule will help remind me to post something at least once a day. ūüėé



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