Midnight Special Movie Review

Midnight Special isn’t your typical scifi movie but that’s what makes it so awesome!

Alton is a young boy who possesses special powers that frighten and amaze most people. He was born and raised within a very strict religious cult that became convinced he was some kind of prophet and/or savior. His father, Roy Tomlin (Michael Shannon), never believed such nonsense and eventually decides to kidnap his own son in order to take him back to where he truly belongs.

Of course, the NSA/US Government quickly learns of Alton’s other worldly abilities and believes that if they can catch him they can then use him for various military purposes.

I wish I could describe the plot further but doing so would mean revealing way too much way too soon. Just trust me when I say that the ending is very intriguing and not at all what you’d expect.

If you’re a fan of well written scifi thrillers then you’ll definitely enjoy it.

On a scale of 1 tamale to 10 tamales I give Midnight Special 8 spicy tamales! ūüėé



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